Arrigo Cervetto
Class Struggles and the Revolutionary Party

Arrigo Cervetto
The Difficult Question of Times

Arrigo Cervetto
The Political Shell

The Communist Choice
Understanding the Present, Changing the Future

Nicola Capelluto
The Crisis in Global Relations

Renato Pastorino
The Unprecedented Task

Friedrich Engels
The Role of Force in History

Arrigo Cervetto
Method and the Science-Party

Arrigo Cervetto
Unitary Imperialism
Volume I - 1950-1967

David B. Rjazanov
The Origins of the First International

May Day
in working-class history

Arrigo Cervetto
Lenin and the Chinese Revolution

Our Internationalist Struggle
The Direction of the New Strategic Phase

Guido La Barbera
Lotta Comunista - The Origins

Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
A Popular Outline

Guido La Barbera
Lotta Comunista - Towards the Strategy-Party

Guido La Barbera
The New Strategic Phase

The State and Revolution
The Marxist Theory of the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution

Arrigo Cervetto
Unitary Imperialism
Volume 2. 1959-1980

Cavicchioli, Gian Giacomo (edited by)
October 1917
100 Years, 100 Militants of the Revolution

Reactionary Terrorism, Imperialist Europeanism, Communist Internationalism

Karl Marx
Wage Labour and Capital - Wages, Price and Profit

Guido La Barbera
Lotta Comunista - The Bolshevik Model

Federico Dalvit
Europe in the Global Collisions

Gian Giacomo Cavicchioli, Emilio Gianni
1919 The Communist International
100 Years, 100 Militants of the World Party

What Is to Be Done?
Burning Questions of Our Movement

Karl Marx
The Civil War In France

"Left-Wing" Communism, an Infantile Disorder

Revolutionary Science and Passion

1871-2021 - The Paris Commune
150th anniversary - The Commune Council Militants