Marx and Engels, with historical and dialectical materialism, have given to mankind the possibility of extending the scientific method to the study of history and society. This is a great result, but Marxist science is much more than that. Science applied to the world of humans explains the processes that make communism historically necessary; it allows to define scientifically the strategy for communist revolution; it guarantees to the proletariat the superiority on the other classes, such superiority that only a scientific strategy grants him.

All Marxist works are born as weapons for the revolutionary battle for communism, and they can survive only as such. In a century and a half, fights of many generations of Marxists have sedimented a scientific heritage now sadly little known and even less used.

Cervetto Arrigo, who saw in science the main feature of Lenin's party and founded on this assumption the attempt to transfer the Bolshevik experience from czarist Russia to Italy after the Second imperialist war, was to define the heritage of Marxist science as a field still largely unexplored.

To bring to light a part of this theoretical mine to the French reader is the task that our publishing house has set to itself, with the aim not to do culture but to give theoretical arms to the revolutionary battle for communism.

The entire reality of the twenty-first century shows how the final call of the Manifesto - Workers of all countries, unite! - contained a scientifically based revolutionary strategy. The international proletariat, become huge, has more than ever the urgent need to rediscover Marxist science and to anchor in it the revolutionary preparation for the battles ahead.

The work to be done is immense. Our catalog is the measure of the contribution we have been able to provide so far as Marxist Science Publications.

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